about me

Here's the short version:

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I'm a professional video content producer currently living in the Portland OR area. I have 5+ years of experience in cinematography, writing, photography, and the post-production process.

Here's the longer version:

Since I was 16, I have worked as a freelance videographer. At the time, I mostly recorded local theater productions. Through high school and into college, I began to do wedding videography freelance work. During college at Eastern Washington University, I also worked as an intern for both the University's Bookstore as well as for Fellow Coworking's "Window Dressing" project. In 2016, I graduated Eastern Washington University with my BA in Film and awarded the Achievement in Cinematographer award.

During 2016-2017, I was part of the inaugural class of the Harold Ramis Film School in Chicago, working at Zacuto in the rental house and as a camera operator for promotional materials about our products. Upon graduating, I moved to Spokane as my partner finished her degree, and then down here to start working for Microcosm Publishing as their Creative Administrator.

I feel that my excellence in my work has come through my love of it, not just wanting to pay the bills (although there's always a little bit of that, as well), and I hope that I am able to use my talent to help serve you and your project!